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Impaired Driver Care Management Program

How do I schedule an intake?

Once you complete the intake form through luminello, our office will reach out to you to schedule your intake with us.

What happens after the intake?

After the intake, if you need a SUD evaluation you will be scheduled to see a LADC/MLADC provider. If you do not need an evaluation more information will be provided regarding next steps. If you do need an evaluation you will be provided about next steps after the evaluation.

Can I transfer to your program?

You can transfer to us any time. If you transfer you will have to begin a new intake and evaluation. All fees will apply again. 
If you transfer to our IDEP you will do another intake and the fee will apply. No new evaluation is required and no fee will be incurred.

How do I complete the IDEP?

You will be given multiple dates and times to choose from. We offer it via telehealth and in person at the Concord location. It takes 20 hours to complete.



We know this can be overwhelming,

Step 1:

Fill out the intake form within 14 days of conviction on luminello (found at the top of the page)

Step 2:

Once on luminello, we will send you:

  • Full IDCMP paperwork

  • WITS consent form to sign

  • Notice of financial hardship 

  • ROI (We will let you know what is required to release and to whom)

Step 3:

We will call you to schedule your intake via telehealth or in person, whichever you prefer. Per state law the cost of the intake is $75.

  • If you qualify for financial hardship please provide proof of TANF, SSDI, SSI or aid to the permanently disabled, or old age assistance. Without proof we cannot waive the $70 state fee. 

Step 4:

Prior to intake or day of, we will need:

  • Current original certified copy of the client’s drivers license record from the NH DMV, if applicable, the state in which the client holds a current license, and if applicable any state in which the client has been arrested or convicted for the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Department of safety notice of suspension/revocation indicating conviction.

  • District or superior court orders.

  • Chemical tests if they were performed, and if not, documentation of the refusal.

  • Copy of client’s arrest report, and narrative relating to conviction.

  • If you have attended an education program with in the past 5 years prior to the latest conviction, documentation should be provided.

Step 5:

During intake if client screens in positively for substance use disorder, a substance use evaluation will be required, which can be conducted on the same day or scheduled for a future date. If convicted of an aggravated, second or consecutive DWI the client will automatically receive a substance use evaluation. The cost of substance use evaluation is $200 per state law.

A client must review with IDCMP positive screening results within 14 business days. 

Step 6:

Following a substance use evaluation the client will receive a formal write up of the next steps.

Step 7:

If education has not been completed in the past 5 years, the client will be required to complete the education program. The cost of the education program is $300 per state law.

Step 8:

The IDCMP will complete a service plan for the client to review and follow. Clients must start treatment and follow service plan within 30 days of completion of the service plan. 

  • Throughout the process of service plan, monthly care calls will be conducted to discuss progress towards completion of the program and current progress on goals. These are conducted twice a month on a scheduled date via telehealth or phone and will be charged per state law $30 per contact (no more than two calls or $60 per month).

Once all aspects of the service plan and the rest of the program (including payments for services) have been completed:

  • We will send a written completion report to the sentencing court, the DMV and the bureau within 5 business days. 

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