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Trauma: Hidden Wounds

Trauma is an internal wound you wouldn’t see.

It impacts my brain and for normalcy I plea.

My behaviors change and thoughts come without notice.

I may cry, be extremely sad, act out in anger and not be able to focus.

I have nightmares, I cannot sleep, I cry without warning, and I may appear I’m not present.

But society judges my behaviors it’s me they resent

Treatment can help me return to my base line state

I can be able to be present and in life, I can participate.

If people could understand that Mental Health is not a choice.

They can be more supportive and in the spirit of love, they can raise their voice.

We can all make a difference and make an effort to understand.

Sufferers are people and they should be part of, not banned.

-Thomas Donovan, MA, LCMHC

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